Software & Technology Awards 2020

Leading Innovator in Digital Decisioning 2020 Regarding the internal culture in place, much of the firm’s work is driven by a transparent culture which encourages teammembers to demonstrate their potential, which Goli is keen to highlight. “At FlexRule, we deal with any weaknesses, problems or mistakes. Furthermore, our diverse and talented team are prepared to embrace innovation in order to create value for the business and its customers.” Working in such a fast-paced industry dealing with advanced technologies can put a lot of pressure and demands on the personnel of a business. However, as Goli informs us, remaining ahead of emerging technologies has been one of the key factors behind the firm’s success. “By leveraging insights from leading consulting firms in technology and conducting research, we have been able to gain customer insights from a wide range of clients across multiple industries. Ultimately, these enable us to remain two steps ahead of our emerging technologies. That’s why FlexRule was recognized by Forrester in Forrester Wave™ Digital Decisioning Platforms Q4 2020, and Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q3 2020 report. And, Everest Group listed FlexRule as a vendor in Enterprise Process Orchestration for decision-making processes. Gartner included FlexRule in its 2020 Decision Management vendors’ reports. All these recognitions are an acknowledgement of how our thinking, technology, and methodology are ahead of the curve.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Goli signs off by commenting on the plans which lie in the pipeline for FlexRule as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “While continuing to set more milestones and delivering significant business values to our customers , our priority is to democratize using advanced decision-making technologies and never lose sight of our mission of empowering organizations to improve the speed and quality of their crucial business decisions in changing environments.” Company: FlexRule Pty Ltd Contact: Goli Tajadod Website: